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2020 may be the worst year pandemic wise since the Spanish Flu. Since March 11, 2020 when Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, officially announced that COVID-19 has become a pandemic, more than 129 million COVID-19 infections and more than 2.81 million COVID-19 deaths have been recorded worldwide(March 31st 2021).

Due to the pandemic, millions of people around the world started to work from home. According to the statistics of the European Commission, about 40% of relevant EU employees have started to work full-time remotely due to the epidemic.


Regulations that require workers to work remotely aims to suppress the local spread of SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus that causes COVID-19); Other measures including stay-at-home orders, lockdowns, travel bans, etc., has restricted crowds and caused a large number of service related business to go bankrupt. 

How COVID-19 affected the World


Based on the modular characteristics, the medical container is quite easy to modify and install. One may combine the 20- and 40-foot containers to create a larger and more effective medical space. These containers can also be combined to create extra spaces such as an office, toilet, conference room, a second floor, or even a container guesthouse. With its high mobility and ease of movement, the container building can be picked up and deployed anywhere in the world through various ways of transportation.

“Sooner, the better” - This is the idea behind all container ship homes. On an average, a shipping container takes a total of a couple of months to be set up and ready to be moved to the designated place. In some cases, the buyers can even inform the container vendor about what modification of the containers needs to be performed before the delivery is made. The buyers can actually see the fully fledged facility at the final acceptance stage.

The business advantage of modified container compartments for medical purposes -  
A modified container compartment is typically more cost-effective than the conventional building because they require fewer building materials and labors to construct. The cost of the interior customization for the medical container is flexible and durable.

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